Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Magical Zeeland - Our Little Secret

Zeeland is a truly magical place, and I just don't know why most people flock to Holland, only to visit Amsterdam and turn around and leave again.

I live in a place where...

I can walk to the ruins of an old fortress
Meander the gardens of a private castle
Discover a new beach every day of the week,
Watch horses trotting by my living room window
Get lost in leafy green orchards
Sit back and listen to European song birds in all their glory
Smell the onions sprouting up in neighboring pastures
Pass rivers of meticulously planned gardens with rainbows of roses
Explore dozens of cities rich in maritime history, wandering their cobblestone streets and standing, mouth-ajar, in awe of their ancient architecture

Sometimes it really does feel like heaven, and that - my friends - is why I have visitor after visitor, and insist on playing tour guide. Zeeland -- it's a place worth sharing, and a land worth visiting.

Included in this post is a little mosaic from our afternoon at "Slot Baarland" -- on Holland's Day of the Castle, or "Dag van het Kastel". Fancy a visit? Slot Baarland is open every Sunday in June, from 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM. Afterwards, swing by Baarland's local "Frit" stand for a serving of Holland's beloved fried food and one of the island's yummiest ice cream cones. Mmmm...


Viera said...

You are soo right. Zeeland is truly magical and I've only seen just a smallest sample. Thank you again.
We will be back.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Kisses to L&A

Jenny said...

Thanks for sharing your little secret. Castles are one of my favorite things to see in Holland. I must see this one!