Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Excessively Tranquil?

As I walked the dog yesterday afternoon, past fields, meadows... (and still more) fields and meadows, the thought occured to me that this place might just be too tranquil, if there is such a thing. And yet, it seems to beckon you to venture on into it's endless pastures. Simply mesmorizing - and undoubtedly the inspiration for many landscape portraits.

We walked for an hour, starting out our farm, and seeing nothing more than a half dozen houses, farm land, sheep, cows, and a small waterway.

It's pretty close to perfection, only, what value does perfection serve if you've relocated your family to a remote area, hours away from your established support network and closest loved ones? Lukas was so sad to see his grandparents go today, and a year and a half seems like an awfully long time for him to have to wait to see them regularly. Not to mention the fact that he probably won't be seeing my family for a good 6 months. Ugghhh...

But somehow life goes on. And with that, here are a few cute photos from the last few days...

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