Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Everyday Adventures

No, I haven't forgotten about you. It's just that we've begun to settle into life here on this quaint little Dutch farm, and there are fewer and fewer "adventures" (per se).

Still, there's never a dull moment in this "foreign" country. You never know when you're going to be stuck at a grocery store or gas station, be it in The Netherlands or Belgium, because you've run out of cash and your bank card, which is accepted in nearly every other country on the planet, is not accepted here (although the country shares a border with Germany, where your bank is based).

Yesterday I bit my nails as the cashier rang up an entire basket worth of groceries, knowing that I had exactly €182 in my pocket. I expected that it would come to far less, but the fear is conditioned, as I've already had to put groceries back countless times ("that poor girl doesn't have enough money to feed her family").

But alas, I made it with €40 to spare this trip, allowing me to walk out of the store with my dignity still in tact.

Today's "adventures" include meeting some Moms and Tots at the indoor gym, Bambini's, in Vlissingen, then taking the dog on a nice long walk in the afternoon (weather permitting).

If, by chance, this isn't adventurous enough for your taste, check back Friday, to see what we ended up doing on our "Spontaneous Adventure Thursday", and again next Monday, to see how our day-trip to Canterbury went (more Christmas shopping... yay!)

Well, we're off to explore. Tot Ziens!

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