Monday, February 04, 2008

Oh, You're American? Oh Dear...

So apparently, it is not enough that my husband has to be here in Holland for work, that we are married and have a child together, that we are paying Dutch taxes, and that I have a permit to live and work in Germany, an EU partner country. The Dutch government will decide whether or not my family can stay together here in their country. Actually, my son can stay. That's not a problem. He has a German passport. It's just me that would have to go. Afterall, I'm (gasp) American. Any American without a little orange sticker inside their passport - German husband or not, German residency permit or not - is subject to deportation. Oh, and of course, if you marry Dutch, you're all clear. Perhaps this is food for thought?

What does all of this mean for me? It means that my name will probably have to be taken off of our joint Dutch bank account, since I cannot get a sacred "Sophie Number" in time. And it means that I'm irritable and wondering whether I really want to stay here.

I desperately needed groceries, and really should have stopped at the store on the way home... especially considering the fact that my bank card might not work anymore tomorrow, and Dutch grocery stores don't take credit cards or foreign debit cards. But I just don't want to be around people any more today. The red tape has turned me into a recluse on this fine, sunny Monday.

If only I were a refugee - immigration might be easier.
Such is life. Different countries, different rules. Don't expect the company sponsoring you to make things any simpler (or even clarify things in advance). You're on your own.

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Miriam said...

Ugh - I feel your pain. When I came here it took the IND 3 months to decide that I could have a residency permit......even though I come from a EU member state. It's one of the drawbacks to the Netherlands - the beaurocracy here is outrageous.

I'm suprised that Tobi's company hadn't got it covered - anyhoo... good luck getting it sorted and keep your chin up!!