Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Vlindertuin - The Butterflies and Gardens of Langeweegje

If you live in Zeeland, you're a parent, and there's ever a day where you're searching for something special to do with your children, try one of my personal favorites - the Vlindertuin Butterfly Garden in Langeweegje.

Everytime we go we discover something new - from new butterflies, birds, sculptures, and even tiny fruit trees, to the children's corner, café, outdoor dining area, gardens, playground, and monstrous floppy-eared bunnies. I feel like a child while I'm there, getting excited everytime a butterfly flutters past my head, narrowly avoiding a collision. Such beautiful and fragile animals!

We bought an annual pass, and returned yesterday, especially enjoying the butterflies as they sat before us, sucking sweet nectar from the flowers. What a treat.

I also wrote about it in Lukas' Blog. Maybe next time, we'll see you there! :-)

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