Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oudelande's Annual "Oogstfest"

Unless you, too, reside in the Dutch province of Zeeland, chances are you've never heard of our sleepy little town. And having never heard of Oudelande, it's doubtful that you know of, or have ever attended their cute country-style fair, or "Oogstfest" (which took place yesterday).

A sort of celebration of everything fruit- and agricultural related, the complimentary apples, tractor games, and pony rides tie in perfectly with the various stands -- where local residents sell everything from self-brewed beer to freshly made jams and chutneys and creamy cheeses... and everything in between.

Arda (important note: I can't spell Dutch names to save my life), the woman who runs Oudelande's only shop, is the face behind the much-loved "Fritje" and "Frikandel" Stand, which roughly translates into the "French-Fry" and "Deep-Fried Sausage" stand.

The whole event is a dream-come true for kids, with a parade, puppet shows, dancing geese, a little petting zoo area, and various other family-friendly events.

For those looking for more of a party atmosphere, stick around until the sun sets and watch as the tiny village begins to resemble more of a night club atmosphere (we heard the music from our farm, but decided to stay home with our slighlty overwhelmed and feverish children).

One thing is certain -- sleepy though it may be, Oudelande definitely knows how to put on a party... and best of all, it's one that can be enjoyed by young and old.

You know, fairs like this make me feel like a kid again... but ironically, I wasn't aware that they still existed until... well... we arrived in the Netherlands. Such a treat!

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Unknown said...

MMMM beer and deep-fried sausage. Just what a nursing mom needs, right?